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At DPG, we only provide products with the highest quality that are chosen to provide your group with a comfortable, yet stylized custom look. Your webstore will have varying products including apparel, bags, and caps that have all been produced in sustainable safe manufacturing environments.

STANDARD Webstore Product Options:

Cotton T-Shirt, Comfort Wicking Polo, Cotton Hoodie, Open Bottom Sweatpants, Tricot Track Jacket, Large Duffle Bag, Two-Toned Canvas Tote

PREMIUM Webstore Product Options:

Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirt, Ogio Performance Polo, Ring Spun Fleece Hoodie, Open Bottom Sweatpants & Tricot Track Pants, Tricot Track Jacket & Soft Shell Jacket, Eddie Bower Duffle Bag, Two-Toned Canvas Tote, Carry, All Zip Tote & On-The-Go-Tote

Digital Performance Gear is your online apparel store, but helping your organization with fundraising by providing fun and unique branded products is where we really excel. We do all the heavy lifting, and all you need to do is contact us to activate your store and provide your logo. We can even create a logo for you if needed!

At that point, we’ll get the store of your choice (STANDARD or PREMIUM) set up for you. We provide the webstore for your loyal followers to shop and purchase all of their branded gear. We’ll operate the store for you for a specified period, usually 2 weeks, produce everything, and individually package and bulk ship to you for easy distribution.

Then, we send you a check! It’s really that easy. All you have to do is promote the store in your very own, easy to use online storefront. Use the buttons below to contact us today to activate your store or get more information.

When you partner Digitial Performance Gear to run your online merchandise webstore you get a partner with vast experience with access to a large supply of apparel, bags and other cool stuff to custom brand for your group. We offer a standard and premium level webstore offering items that appear to everyone.

Don’t see an item you want to sell? Or, maybe you have a special need or product you’d like us to brand with your logo? For a small fee, we can setup virtually any product you’d like to offer. Simply let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll give you a quote on a custom webstore. It’s really that easy!